About Skewed, LLC

Skewed, LLC is the parent company of several sub-divisions consisting of Skewed.Tech, Elimu Educational Systems, and CS Dance and Active Wear.  These companies are innovative branches of the Skewed brand that work within different industries.

Skewed.Tech is a digital media company that offers clients an innovative approach to online asset building, online asset maintenance, and digital marketing strategy.  Through partnerships with national and local companies such as Spectrum, TekMountain, and Castle Branch; we are able to provide a robust digital marketing solution for each company.  Services that we offer include photography, TV and digital advertising strategy, Website design and development, and custom solutions based on what clients need.

Elimu Educational Systems is a start-up educational technology platform that is in the pre-alpha phase.  Elimu’s software takes students, teachers, parents, and administrators through an integrated online platform.  This platform incorporates plagiarism detection software, assignment tracking, educational tools, and integrations with other leading education software.

CS Dance and Active wear is a fashion brand that is geared towards male dancers and athletes.  Currently, CS wear is in development with the help of industry experts based in the United States and abroad.